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Chris Swanson

Chris Swanson is no stranger to life-altering transformations. After a home invasion helped spur his own dramatic change in his late twenties, Swanson became an expert in human transformation. Now through Swanson Leadership, he coaches others in both finding their true potential, and in tapping into it to radically alter their minds, bodies, and spirits. Swanson is a career law enforcement officer, with experience spanning over 20 years in a variety of positions, including narcotics, criminal investigation and law enforcement operations. Swanson holds a master’s degree in public administration – criminal justice, and a bachelor of applied science from the University of Michigan. Swanson holds numerous state and national professional certifications. He is also a 4-time IRONMAN finisher.

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Brian N., Population Coordinator

I attended your session yesterday and I wanted to tell you thank you. I would not have had enough paper to tell you how much you inspired me, and how much my eyes were re-opened on the class evaluation.

Life Leadership

Chris Swanson is the most dynamic speaker I’ve ever seen. He lights up the
audience with charisma, hard-hitting facts, and ground breaking truths.

Amber M.

Your energy and compassion is awesome..

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The Majik Gopher | Children's Book Read Aloud

The Majik Gopher | Children's Book Read Aloud
The Majik Gopher | Children's Book Read Aloud

The Majik Gopher | Children's Book Read Aloud

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BE RESILIENT | Motivation from Sheriff Chris Swanson

BE RESILIENT | Motivation from Sheriff Chris Swanson

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Iron Life Live Ticket Package Promo!

Iron Life Live Ticket Package Promo!

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Iron Life LIVE - High Performance Edition

Iron Life LIVE - High Performance Edition

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Blood Guts & Things That Drive You Nuts Book

In Chris's latest book he shares 20 amazing life lessons from his 20 years of experience in law enforcement. 

Tinman To Ironman Book

Tinman To Ironman is Chris Swanson's best selling book featuring 20.1 proven ways to transform your life! 

Tinman To Ironman Audiobook

This is Chris's best selling book Tinman To Ironman now in an audiobook format narrated by Chris Swanson! 

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Motivate 365

Motivate 365 is my year-long program designed to help get you started on the right foot each day. Through my years of teaching and leading others, I've crafted techniques to inspire others to perform and do better for themselves. 

Tinman To Ironman Boot Camp 3.0 PREMIUM Pack

The Tinman To Ironman: Mini Boot Camp 3.0 Premium Pack is about TRANSFORMATION! This Life Time course packed with dozens of workouts and lessons along with Motivate 365 will help transform your mind and body from a Tinman to an Ironman. Receive motivational messages every day and a 21 day cleanse along with your workout plans. 

Experts Interview Academy

Learn the proper techniques to win in interviews, meetings, and promotion opportunities. This course will help you nail the opportunity of your life! 

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